Evans Head Bowling Club:
Beechies social media campaign

Digital services case study

The brief

Axis IQ’s client Evans Head Bowling Club, a small coastal club, engaged us as part of its ongoing marketing consultancy with us, to manage a strategy around its seasonal family holiday activity concept, Beechies – a pop-up recreational facility on the Club’s bowling green for the summer season. It included inflatable jumping castles, waterslides and an outdoor margarita bar serving drinks and snacks for the whole family.

Aimed at the ?mummy market?, these played to the ?pain points? of parents, who are always looking for activities that don?t cost a lot.

Our solution

Axis IQ set up a Beechies social media campaign with a series of paid Facebook adverts to specifically promote the Beechies concept to visitors to the area, in which they could click on a button on the advert for “Directions”, as well as a separate campaign which targeted locals. Aimed at the “mummy market”, these played to the “pain points” of parents, who are always looking for activities that don’t cost a lot during the five to six weeks that children are on holiday get bored.

We tested a number of images and advert formats. Our designer drew an actual map that formed one of the images as part of the facebook advert campaign and that got a lot of interest. Parents want to be familiar with an environment before they go there, and it’s difficult to picture jumping castles on a bowling green so the map was a great tool to get people comfortable; know where the bar is and that they can see their kids from there. So they knew before they’ve even visited that there’s a really safe, well thought-out set up and they can be there for hours but not have to actually get on the slides with the kids.

Because Beechies was also a social area for parents, we created a carousel video Facebook advert highlighting the complete offering – including live music and a frozen margarita, which sold out the first day! – as well as the all-day snack bar. We had a lot of response to the video compared with other posts.


The Club had planned only to run Beechies till Australia Day but had so much response it kept it open till Easter! And it has run every school holiday since as an event in itself, as well as a permanent extension of the Club’s function facilities – the waterslides can be hired for kids birthday parties and family-based work Christmas parties.

Over the five-week period of the campaign, the Club’s online fan base jumped by 30%, and engagement on its Facebook page soared by more 50%. Some of the most popular adverts achieved responses in the form of comments by more than 40 unique profiles!

What’s more, data and analysis collected during the campaign was invaluable to the club for any future planning of promotions and activities.


Fan base increase


Facebook engagement increase

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