South Tamworth Bowling Club:
Cafe South

Marketing case study

The brief

Our client, South Tamworth Bowling Club, only had outsourced catering on site – a Chinese restaurant – which was not only limited in terms of choice for customers, but the Club also had no real control over hours of operation or how they ran promotions around catering.

As part of its succession planning strategy, the Bowlo wanted to attract younger families and more women, to both future-proof and boost business. So it engaged Axis IQ to prepare a proposal to open the Club’s own on-site cafe and develop a brand identity.

Whilst we wanted to appeal
to a new market we still wanted to
respect the tradition of the Club.

Our solution

Our first steps were to come up with a name and a bold logo. Whilst we wanted to appeal to a new market we still wanted to respect the tradition of the Club. Yellow is not only bright and eye catching it’s a big part of the Club’s original logo and its bowlers wear yellow uniforms. The black circle in the final logo is reminiscent of a bowl. So as well as looking funky when it’s all put together, the bowlers appreciated it too.

We created strong branded signage in the cafe, as well as flags, outdoor banners, sandwich boards and a promotional schedule that tied in with the Club’s membership renewals period. As part of the renewals mailing, members received a voucher book of four months’ worth of changing specials at the new cafe. The logic was to keep members coming in, rather than just come in once and then not have a reason to return.

Axis IQ also managed the filming of two TV adverts, 15- and 30-second with a local broadcaster.


The voucher offer drove considerable traffic into the cafe consistently over the four month period. The cafe thrives as one of the flagship food venues for fans at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and Axis IQ and the venue are continuing to refine its offering to appeal to the local market.

The response to the TV ad was enormous, with members and visitors commenting to management and staff that they “saw the ad”.

The Club saw a marked rise in business via its functions: not being limited to just lunch or dinner service times and the cafe menu allowed it to hold more functions and cater for big travelling bowls groups, and events such as wakes.

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