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From the blog.

CLUB SPOTLIGHT Sawtell Bowling Club

"Since launching the campaign, the Club has seen bowling memberships and membership renewals double. That's a 100% rise from the previous year!" BACKGROUND Sawtell Bowling Club has been around for more than 80 years and during this time a bowling membership has always...

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It’s all about the Data!

While working for big Clubs in Membership and Loyalty and completing a Gaming Managers Development course, Carly Deards noticed a large disparity between large and small Clubs regarding opportunities and resources for Loyalty Programs. After talking with some of the...

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3 tips for a successful Melbourne Cup Day!

Melbourne Cup brings a sense of excitement to your Club, a chance for your guests to get dressed up and enjoy a flutter! How can you make the day memorable and ensure your patrons come back year after year? 1. CREATE A THEME Choose a theme and carry the style...

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Need help with your Melbourne Cup promotion?

Choose from one of our pre-designed collateral suites below and we will personalise it with your Club logo and offer, for one inclusive price! You will receive: 2 x A2 posters 500 DL flyers 1 x pull up banner Facebook slide Digital version you can email AV slide All...

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Hunt for the Win!

Lisa Hunt and her band have been getting the party started at Clubs and RSLs for over a decade, with fans continuing to come back for more! We caught up with the American born, Byron Bay based singer who oozes soul and wows her audiences with her powerful voice and...

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4 elements of a marketing strategy

Recently Axis IQ, more specifically our brilliant Sales & Marketing Manager, Alice Williams, was asked to talk about strategic marketing at a ClubsNSW workshop as part of their annual conference in Sydney - what an honour! So what better topic to discuss than the...

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Give instant flair to your Facebook posts

Every business knows that it has to do Facebook. But when time, staffing, and creative juices are tight, how do you make those posts count? Here are five quick ways to take them from mediocre to memorable.1. Only post a photo that's worth looking at A picture really...

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5 tips for telling a better business story

Storytelling is having a massive revival in business. And for good reason. With our attention spans increasingly swamped with information, it's critical for businesses to communicate in ways that "stick". The science indicates that our brains are actually hardwired to...

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Does your business tell a snappy story?

We've all been there. You're at a networking event and someone asks you what you "do". Wanting to be informative, you deliver a few lines about your product or service, perhaps some stats around your client base, by which time your listener - while polite - is most...

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Why a newsletter is your best friend

When it comes to sales impact, a printed newsletter is surely unlikely to cut through the bells and whistles of the internet and social media these days, right? Wrong! Axis's marketing guru Alice Williams says that company newsletters remain a powerful, cost-effective...

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