How to maximise your engagement with customers now that you’ve reopened

How to maximise your engagement with customers now that you’ve reopened

by Jun 3, 2020

So you’ve reopened – now what? We’ve outlined some key communication strategies to keep your customers informed (and coming in!)

Covid-19 has certainly been a hell of an upper cut for most businesses and the past 10 weeks you’ve been dealing with forced closure, standing down teams, reinstating them with job keeper, social distancing compliance, social media comms, working from home – all the sorts of things you’ve likely NEVER had to deal with ever before (and hopefully won’t have to do so again!).

If you’re a hospitality venue you’ve probably also been spending the past few months setting up takeaway services (some with great success, others let’s just put it down to a ‘learning experience’), and getting the team to help tick off jobs from the ‘to do list’ around the venue. But it’s now time to put the paintbrush down and to bring the customers back in.

There will no doubt be a honeymoon period of sorts for most venues.

People have missed their social outlet, they’ve missed their favourite draught beer, and their dirty schnitty on a Wednesday night. But when they’ve had the first taste of being ‘back’, what’s to say they’ll keep coming out to visit your venue? Keep in mind, a lot of people have responded very well to #isolife. They’ve discovered their love of cooking, they’ve made improvements to their homes to make them more comfortable to socialise and relax in, and they’ve quite enjoyed not having to be fully dressed to enjoy a beer on a Saturday night.

What’s so good about what’s on offer in your venue? (There’s lot of things, have a brainstorm and write them all down right now!)

And have you actually told your customers all the wonderful things they get to enjoy at your venue?

Don’t fret. It’s not too late. Here’s some basic strategies to get you started:

1. UPDATE EVERYTHING – make it really easy for your customers to choose your venue they christen their post-covid wallets in and update info everywhere they might be looking:

  • Social media – update profiles, operating hours, pin a comprehensive post that covers everything customers would want to know to the top of your Facebook page so that they know the run down, set up your messenger auto responder to point customers to the right place if they’re sending you messages via social media
  • Website – have you updated your hours on your website? Uploaded new menus? Applied a pop up to explain what’s happening? Posted a blog with all the details?
  • Google my business – google yourself and check the info is up to date
  • Signage – pop your key messages on your doors, if you’ve got space for an outdoor banner this is the time to hang one up (hit us up if you need us to create you one!), make a bit of a song and dance about the fact you’re open (decals indoor and outdoor are cheap and look great – we can also help with these).

2. PROACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS WITH CUSTOMERS – If you have a database be sure you’re using it!

  • SMS – great for punchy, single focus messaging
  • Email – explain what people need to know, direct them ways to book into the restaurant etc. (we partner with Impact Data for effective, easy email comms – send us a message if you want to discuss)
  • Mail – direct mail is very effective. Segment your database to send key messages to your top contributors. Send an offer to people you want back in the venue asap (postage may be $1.10 but what’s one visit from your top contributors worth to the venue??)
  • Phone – if you have the man power, generate a list and call to let customers know you’re open and that you’ve missed them

3. LAUNCH A PROMOTION – you will probably have good support for a few weeks but we suspect things will drop off (restrictive measures in the venue may reek of effort for some people, team it with media stories about how everyone is broke, even those people who aren’t impacted may become more conscious of what they’re spending). Have a promo up your sleeve to drop before that happens.

  • Make it a K.I.S.S – keep it simple stupid! – promo:
  • Something to drive frequency of visitation. For example visit 3 times and get a reward on your 4th visit, or earn an entry with every set amount spend to win a bigger prize at a later date
  • Direct traffic when you want it – boost a quiet time with a gaming promo that runs mid-morning, or late at night
  • Bring people back sooner with an offer. In the restaurant for example you may hand out an offer with a short expiry they can bring back for their next visit within 7 days.


Our team are hospo experts and we’re here to support you kick goals! If we can help you with any of the above, get in touch today.
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