Hunt for the Win!

by May 24, 2019

Hunt for the Win!

by May 24, 2019

Lisa Hunt and her band have been getting the party started at Clubs and RSLs for over a decade, with fans continuing to come back for more! We caught up with the American born, Byron Bay based singer who oozes soul and wows her audiences with her powerful voice and presence on stage. Lets get to know Lisa a little better…


1. Hi Lisa, what can you tell us about your background?

Going to church is a pretty big part of African American culture and from an early age I was singing in church, in the youth choir, the school choir, the community choir and also sang and harmonised with my cousin and another friend in the afternoons. The writing was on the wall. For my parents it was important that I have a real job, so I studied hairdressing and worked in a beauty salon all through high school. By university time, I knew music was my true calling. With the help of my high school theatre teacher, my parents were convinced that I could follow my musical dream. I auditioned and won a place in the City College of New York’s Aaron Davis Centre for The Performing Arts. Best decision ever and there the cast was set for my life. 

2. How did you wind up in Oz?

I met a very handsome guitarist in New York. He had a funny, unrecognisable accent – Australian. Decades later I still call him “dear” haha.

3. You’ve built up quite a reputation across a lot of venues up and down the East Coast. Can you describe your show?

It’s a musical retrospective based on the soundtrack of my life. An uplifting look into black music of the Motown, Soul, Funk and Disco kind.

4. What is it about your shows that turns audiences into raving fans?

After two decades, who knows exactly what they are going to get? Could be classic, timeless or feel-good music, or songs with no holds barred passion, sung with a voice trained to deliver power and passion. We get great “word-of-mouth” promotion, which is the best kind. I don’t believe I’ve ever been asked to be on Australian TV (apart from 40 seconds on an Australian Idol sub contest), so I’ve had to build my reputation one show at a time, going North, South and inland wherever there was a door open.

5. You perform at a few Registered Clubs; how would you describe the audiences at these venues?

The thing I love most about my show is the age range – sometimes 3 generations come together. It’s majority female, but it’s amazing that they are finally getting the boyfriends and husband to come too. We have a big First Nation following too and it’s wonderful to see people come together as one nation for the same groove.

6. What’s the feedback you receive from clients who book you to appear in their venues?

The feedback I receive most often is that you can come and experience happiness for an afternoon or evening, usually for free.

7. If a manager wants to book you for a gig at their venue, how can they get in touch? has biographical information, videos, photos and a contact link to my booking agent Offbeat and myself.

Lisa has performed, recorded and toured with some of the most legendary people in show business including Aussie icons such as Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, Tina Arena, Darren Percival, Jon Steven and Midnight Oil just to name a few. On the Club circuit, Lisa always attracts big crowds, particularly women (most Clubs biggest target market!). Her shows book out fast, so make sure you’re quick to book Lisa and her band for your next gig, your members won’t be disappointed!